Face Lift/ Mini Lift/ Neck Lift Photos

Surgeries performed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Richard V. Balikian, Murrieta and San Diego

Case #4236
Face Lift/ Mini Lift/ Neck Lift
Face Lift/ Mini Lift/ Neck Lift


This patient had a previous facelift from another surgeon but was wishing for more improvement in her neck. Dr. Balikian performed a revision necklift that focused on contouring the structures deep in the neck. This way of performing a necklift is different than how the majority of plastic surgeon work on the neck. Instead of just liposuction and platysmaplasty (like most surgeons perform), Dr. Balikian can remove the deeper layers of fat that can’t be liposuctioned (sub-platysmal fat), and contour the deep structures of the neck including muscles (digastric removal) and glands. The result is a sharp, beautiful neckline, with the excess tissues removed. Not all facelifts are done the same way. Dr. Balikian uses the most advanced techniques.

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