Rhinoplasty Photos

Surgeries performed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Richard V. Balikian, Murrieta and San Diego

Case #6250


Drooping tip fixed!

This patient came in for consultation bothered by the tip of his nose that was significantly pointing downwards. He wished to have it lifted up into a more proper position. Of note he did not want the hump of his nose reduced because he wanted to maintain the natural characteristics of his masculine nose.

Dr. Balikian performed a tip only rhinoplasty. Through an external approach Dr. Balikian was able to shorten and lift the droopy cartilages of his nose. With sutures to the tip of the nose he was able to position the cartilages appropriately. With a septal extension graft he was able to support the whole tip forever.

The patient is thrilled to have treated the area of his nose that bothered him while maintaining the personal characteristics of his nose.

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